Over the Garden Gate

“I live in the garden and sleep in the house.” This is a phrase said by most of the many extremely dedicated members of the green thumb community. There are many different ways gardeners get together. Two common ways are by attending garden clubs, workshops, and lectures. In these clubs, workshops, and lectures they are always sharing a wealth of information, advice, and strategies with each other. Not everyone is an expert that knows the scientific word for every plant in the history of horticulture. Thats why we have garden centers often employed with trained specialists who are always passionate to help. However, some gardeners are self proclaimed experts, and humorously mentioned by one of my informants, “If you put ten gardeners in a room, you will leave with eleven opinions on how to do something.” 

There are not to many ethical dilemmas with studying garden culture. However, I will keep the ethics codes of anthropology in mind. I will always maintain a professional relationship with my informants. I will not use material discussed with an informant without their voluntary consent. I will keep all my informants anonymous and will avoid using information that would unintentionally identify one of my informants. If I must refer to a specific informant, I will use an alias specific to that person, unless the informant wants me to use their real name. I will not share personal information about informants with anyone. I will also keep the names of garden centers and other gardening establishments confidential to avoid unintentionally effecting the establishments’ reputations.


One thought on “Over the Garden Gate

  1. BRYLEE O says:

    I am excited to see how the garden culture interacts with one another. I have a garden in my backyard, but I am not associated with a group so it would be interesting to see if I might share similar ideas with them. Everyone has their own reason for gardening, so it would be cool to see why people garden, like I garden for cooking with fresh ingredients.


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