Giggles in the Garden (and my thoughts)

For this final blog post, I wanted to talk about something fun. I decided to write about the humor of the garden culture. I decided to write about this for my final blog because I haven’t been able to find a peer reviewed article about garden culture humor. What I’m talking about in this blog post will be based off of my observations and conversations with gardeners.

Almost all gardeners love puns! I’m not just sure if everybody loves puns but I really noticed a lot of gardeners like puns and silly, light hearted, garden/flower related jokes. Some of my favorite examples, “Beware of the snap dragons!” or “Gardeners spend all day in their beds!” or “In search of new gardener, must look good bent over!”

In the sample of gardeners, that I observed for my field work, seem to all have light hearted humor and are very kind. They often show their kindness through jokes. I noticed that one of the my informants, Parsley (alias), is the best example of this. If he does not like you, he will not make jokes and is all business, but if he is friends with you, he will make jokes almost all day long. I think the light heartedness and caring nature comes from the compassion for the environment and their passion for eco-friendly everything. This compassion and eco-friendliness is demonstrated in the academic articles discussed in previous blog posts. They deeply care for sustainability, effective and efficient growing/harvesting, and many claim to feel a connection between themselves and nature if they nurture and raise plants.

My thoughts on the Blog Assignments:

The blog assignment really pushed me in some ways. I’m pretty shy and get anxious about interviewing people so sometimes it was a little more difficult for me to actually get out and interview people. It made me realize that anthropology definitely wasn’t easy. It was a valuable assignment though because it really helped demonstrate what anthropologists did and gave some experience to build off of for our regular assignments. I don’t think I would change much about the blog assignments. The only thing that comes to mind is maybe making it a partner assignment, so that students can bounce ideas and interpretations off of each other, and each student posts their own blog post though.


One thought on “Giggles in the Garden (and my thoughts)

  1. BRYLEE O says:

    I was pretty shy interviewing people as well first given this assignment as well. It was interesting you were able to connect the reasoning behind their care free nature when it came to joking with one another because of the relaxing environment they were in. Those joke were really clever, it would be awesome to experience such a genuine caring sub culture. Having a partner while doing field research would be interesting. It would even be cool to have a student having to participate in someone else’s fieldwork for a day and see two different view points of the group.


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